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MyBlueprint: Things to Note, Resources & Middle School Accounts

Things to note:                                ** Students will not be able to log in if they do not have consent!

1)      Consent: IT has now created a short cut so that teachers can check to see who does or does not have consent.  To do this you:

  • Go here
  • Select ‘Staff Log In’
  • Type in your log in credentials
  • At the bottom you will see MyBlueprint Consent, select ‘view’.
  • You will see those who have Consent Given or Consent Empty

2)      Students do not have consent if they see the following when they try to log in: “PEN does not match” or spinning wheel. They may have had access before but they do not now as we uploaded MyEd to MyBlueprint’s server and consent is now required.

3)      There are two points of access:

  • Logging in: Students should select Log in when joining MyBlueprint, not Sign up. They have already been signed up- MyEd upload. As well, students should not need a PEN number to sign up. If you go here, students should just need to select “school account log in”, it will take them to the Sooke Potholes picture and single sign on. They use their computer log in credentials and if they have consent, they are in.
  • If they go to log in to the computer and they go here, they will need to select “Log in”, then select  “Log in with School Account”, then select  “Sooke District” from the drop down menu, and then use their computer log in credentials to log in. This way just adds one more step.

4)      Logging out: Students must log out of the computer to get logged out of MyBlueprint. This has to do with Single sign on, single sign on is linked to their account. Students cannot share computers when using MyBlueprint.

5)      Students must use Google Chrome when using MyBlueprint.

6)      There was an issue with the Characters when looking at course selection. These have been fixed.

7)      There is a ticket in with MyBlueprint to fix the duplicate courses in different grades when students are in High School – planner.

8)      French Immersion Students– Dual Dogwood Certification: yes students can activate in MyBlueprint, students turn this on in their account. Go to:

  • a) High school plan
  • b) Grad indicator, click “view progress”
  • c) Select “Change Grad requirements”
  • d) From list select “French Immersion”

9)      For student course selections students can:

  • Print screen function, after selecting courses and then submit this to counsellor, this is a picture.


  • Counsellor can print:
  • Go to student list
  • Select student
  • Press action
  • Select print options
  • Select High School – ADD button
  • Now download pdf version.
  • The you will see courses they want to take.

10)   K-12 App coming soon

11)   Class sharing for teachers is coming they are working on it now.

12)   Make sure your students are making/creating the correct document to submit with your assignments. If it’s not the correct assignment submission it might not see it as complete. Ex. If you ask for a journal or reflection, they need to submit a journal reflection if that how you assigned the assignment.

13)   Google and MyBlueprint both work together for sharing docs. You can upload work for assignment from Google Drive. You can create a portfolio is MyBlueprint and then create a sharable link and insert it into Google.


If you are looking for a little support with myBlueprint please have a look at their most recent webinars and resource tools. These are available for teachers and students. There are a variety of dates and times for you to sign up, all you need is a computer and ear buds/ headphones.

To access all of the resources please select the image below.


In addition, here is the direct link to their lesson plans that you can customize to fit your learners.


Middle School Getting Started Document: myBlueprint

Middle School Student accounts may sign up for myBlueprint by following (the video below is  great for visual instructions, 33 seconds long):

1) Visit

2) Click Sign Up 

3) Select SD62 Middle School Students

4) Follow Account Creation Process  * You will need the student’s PEN numbers.

  • Students will not be able to create an account if they do not have consent. Once consent is given it will take up to 24hrs for them to be able to create an account.

Below is a video that will give you a visual outline of the sign-up process (33 Sec).

If you are new to myBlueprint, here is a great little starter document that takes you to learning videos, webinars, and lesson ideas.

Click here: myBlueprint Introduction


Middle School Teacher Accounts: 

For the 2018/2019 school year we do not have access to the full bundle for Middle school’s. What we do have is access to the basic bundle. What this means is that students can create an account, as described above, but teachers will need to also create a demo student account to gain access and plan lessons.

Please note, you can gain access to your grades scope document for lesson planning using this MyBlueprint Link, click HERE.

Planning & Lesson plans: You will see a document that has your grade and says “Year at a Glance” everything you need for your grade’s lesson plans can be found in this document. You may also scroll down to Lesson plans for more options.

Steps for creating a demo account (you will be able to create a teacher account next year when we pay for the full teacher bundle. For now you can design lessons and see what the student see as a demo student. You may want to have them create a portfolio and save all of their Careers artifacts there for future careers course and/or assessment purposes.

1) Visit

2) Click Sign Up 

3) Activation Key: demosd62

4) Create Account

5) Enter basic info – only required info

6) Email- Use district email address and password

7) Select your school

8) Agree

You should now have a demo student account so you can plan and see what your students see.