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Grade 7

Grade 7 Careers Education Lessons


Volunteerism Lessons (could be 3-5 Lessons)

Careers Education Volunteerism


MyBlueprint Notes and Resources

Top 10 Implementation Ideas

Resource page  with Lesson Plans: 


Grades 6- 8 Assignment Overview : Scope and Sequence

Resource: 6- 8 Careers_Overview

Grade 7 Assignments Document

Grade 7 Assignments Overview


Grade 7: Resources for Lessons Above (4 Big Ideas)

1)  Self- Awareness Lesson  Resources: 

My Values_worksheet.ppt

RIASEC_Carrer_Aptitude    &     RIASEC Career Aptitude Inventory Reflection Questions


2) Working with Others Lesson Resources:       


Little League removes softball team from World Series over social media post


3) Career Knowledge and Awareness: 

A Young Inventor’s Plan To Recycle Styrofoam

Problem_Solving_Ethical_Dilemma    &     Solving Ethical Dilemmas Rating Scale


4) Career Planning

How to Find Fulfilling Work



Assessment Document:

Rubric for Assessing a Reflection_Grade7