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Career Life Education (CLE)

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Career Trek Video’s – MOE resource (Click here)



 Skills for the Future Workforce – resource

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Career Zones: MOE resources   (click here)



Website full of resources: Kamloops School District 


CLE Learning Map / Assessment Doc

Career Life Education Learning Map


Resource Chart: Abbotsford

CLE Curriculum Resources- Abbotsford



SD62 Resource Chart: Career Life Education and Career Life Connections:

career life edn 2018


Here is an idea that was presented by the North Shore School District, Vancouver for CLE.

Reverse Career Fair

CES Reverse Career Fair Presentation 2018

RCF Student Steps to Follow.docx

RCF Example Invitation 2018

RCF Cold Call Flowchart.docx

RCF Rubric.docx

Year End Self Reflection


Resources and Lesson Plans