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CLE, CLC, and Capstone

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Career Education Society 2017 PPT: SD62 – 17-18 present Careers Curriculum

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Cross Curricular Assignment Example Eng9 Careers9 Cross Curric Assignment

SD71 Randy Grey PPT – SD71 Career Education 10 – 12 Nov 15

GISS Maria Soto and Rob Griffiths PPT – GISS Transitions Pres – Career Ed Society Conference Nov 2017


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SD 62 and Career Education: 

SD 62 is underway with Careers 9 again this year. Each of our schools is addressing this course slightly differently in the time table, but it is being offered at each high school, students will receive anecdotal comments and a letter grade this year during Sem 1, Sem 2 or both – this is up to the school.

Royal Bay has a flex block which will support Careers 9-12, and the teacher will be offering additional opportunities for students to engage in Careers outside of the timetable, for instance grade 9’s will take part in “Take Your Kid to Work Day”. Reflections will be available through their GAFE acct.

Belmont and EMCS will be supporting Careers 9 in tag / homeroom and we are collaboratively working on supporting Careers curriculum cross curricularly by pairing careers with core subject areas throughout the year. Again reflections will be available through the students GAFE acct.

As for Planning 10 and GT 12 these are being addressed differently at each school, the goal being to offer the current course but with some adjustments to support know-do-understand, integrate some of the new Career Life Education and Career life Connections curricular competencies,  and Big Ideas, and in doing this provide students with more face to face support.

As we hear more we’ll share out with students, families and colleagues.

Gr. K-5

Careers Resources  Gr. K – 5    Careers Activity Booklet CareerActivitiesBook _____________________________________________ Great idea for a local class lesson or a great video for discussing: ____________________________________________ Careers Bingo career bingo ______________________________________________ Fortis BC – Many Lesson Plans Sign Up and they send you access to all of the lessons. I have an account and it’s …

Grade 6

Grade 6: Careers Education Lessons Thank you to Gina Capretta at Dunsmuir school for sharing all of her classroom resources with colleagues. – It takes a village!   Bizkids (Grade 5-6) Lessons –  Sell, Sell, Sell (The Science of Sales) ____________________________________________________________________________________ This is a great video to use as a lesson idea – bring in …

Grade 7

Grade 7 Careers Education Lessons   Volunteerism Lessons (could be 3-5 Lessons) Careers Education Volunteerism ____________________________________________ MyBlueprint Notes and Resources Top 10 Implementation Ideas Resource page  with Lesson Plans:  ____________________________________________ Grades 6- 8 Assignment Overview : Scope and Sequence Resource: 6- 8 Careers_Overview Grade 7 Assignments Document Grade 7 Assignments Overview   Grade 7: Resources …

Grade 8

Grade 8 Careers Education Lessons MyBlueprint: Resource page with Lesson Plans  __________________________________________________________   Grades 6- 8 Assignment Overview : Scope and Sequence Resource: 6- 8 Careers_Overview Grade 8 Assignments Document Grade 8 Assignments Overview   Grade 8: Resources for Assignments Above (4 Big Ideas) 1)  Self- Awareness Lesson  Resources:   Why Some of Us Don’t Have …

Careers 9

 Careers Education 9   MyBlueprint: Resource page with Lesson Plans  __________________________________________________________   Thank you to the Sooke teacher volunteers who worked hard to create these interdisciplinary lessons for all of the students and teachers in SD62. Careers & English 9 2018 Lesson: Dr. Seuss Dr Seuss – Gr 9-12 Careers Education 2018 Lesson: The …


Career Life Education (CLE) Resources and Lessons Plans   Career Trek Video’s – MOE resource (Click here) ____________________________________________________    Skills for the Future Workforce – resource Are you ready? (click here)   Career Zones: MOE resources   (click here)   ____________________________________________________________ Website full of resources: Kamloops School District    CLE Learning Map / Assessment Doc …

CLC & Capstone

Career Life Connections   Career Trek Video’s – MOE resource (click here)   _________________________________________________________________ Skills Needed for the Future Workforce: resource Are you ready? (click here) _________________________________________________________________ Career Zones MOE resource (Click Here) _________________________________________________________________  Scope and Sequence Doc: Example Scope and Sequence for Career Education (1)   ________________________________________________________________________ CLC  Learning Map / Assessment Doc – …