Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit courses: below are Camosun cohort courses offered to high school students, at their home school,  for free through the South Island Partnership (SIP). So long as the student has met the pre-requisites, they can meet with their career coordinator and register for free. Students who complete these courses will receive both 4 credits for high school and course credits towards their first year of post secondary. Please note that there is a $41 course registration fee for all applicants, and a $500 course fee for international students. International students are to talk with Mark Johnson or Amber O’Quinn, the international Vice Principal, for more details.

Cohorts (courses) that will be offered during 2019-2020 school year:

  • Biology 103                                   semester:           1
  • Accounting 110 (online)        semester:           2
  • Marketing 110  (online)         semester:           2
  • Psychology  154                         semester:           2

For all other inquires around dual credit courses and programs please review the following documents:


Dual Credit FAQ